Marine Cargo Survey

Ascertaining the condition of cargo prior to loading and during loading operations. Assist the Master as required and suggest remarks for clausing the Mate Receipts / Bill of Lading. Preparing daily / detailed final reports.

Loading Survey
Preloading condition and tally of cargo.
Measurement of cargo.
Tally/condition of cargo during loading.
Lashing/securing of cargo onboard the vessel

Discharge Survey
Inspection of cargo inside the vessel Holds.
Tally/condition of cargo during discharging.

Delivery Survey
Tally/condition of cargo during delivery.

We also carry out Silver nitrate test (Test of chlorides)

We have been handling bagged cargoes such as Maize, Sugar, Rice, Bentonite, Etc and have carried out precautionary surveys / loss minimization surveys.

Prior to commencement of weigh-ment, inspect weighbridge certificates issued by the concerned authority. Verify with manual weight and check few trucks on other weighbridge. Post the surveyors shift wise / round the clock and prepare weigh-ment reports.